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About Amelia

 Photograph of Amelia Bacic-Tulevski / Emilija Bačić-Tulevski
Amelia Bacic-Tulevski is an author whose writing focuses mainly on relationships and contemporary moral issues from the perspective of Eastern Orthodox Christianity. Amelia defends and promotes the traditional interpretation of Orthodoxy and warns against innovations to belief and faith-based practices.

In the secular world, Amelia's education was predominantly focused on psychology and interpersonal communication, but she has also completed extensive coursework in sociology, law, comparative religion, and music. Professionally, she has designed and conducted faculty and independent research studies at several universities and on a freelance basis, and she has taught undergraduate courses in the social sciences, as well as children's courses in all grade-levels. She is also an award-winning speaker who has been featured on television numerous times and appeared before many live audiences, both Christian and secular, over the past two decades.

In her free time, Amelia concentrates her efforts mainly on music and art. She has studied applied classical music (piano/vocal/choral) for more than 25 years and continues to perform occasionally as time permits. She is also an avid photographer, designer, and mixed-media artist. Amelia currently lives near Cleveland, Ohio (USA).