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Abusive relationships

The following set of texts is for victims of abuse and their loved ones. If your life or the life of someone close to you has been affected by domestic violence, sexual abuse, psychological manipulation, or any other violation of basic human dignity, there are materials here that can help you. In time, there will also be resources for scholars, policy-makers, and legal and law-enforcement professionals.

Abuse in general:

Beginning the healing process: Nine thoughts for victims of abuse

Finding hope in the aftermath of abuse

Lay not this sin to their charge—Why we should pray for those who hate us and hurt us

The role of prayer in recovering from abuse

Physical violence:

As long as she was being beaten: The invisible scars of a battered woman

Psychological abuse:

Liar, liar, pants on fire: A study on the language of lying and getting caught

Sick in love: The heavy chains of emotional abuse and relationship addiction

Sexual abuse:

Forgotten victims of sexual abuse: The morally unknowing

Indications of childhood sexual abuse: Know the warning signs