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Your relationship with God

This page features articles and essays geared toward helping you develop a better relationship with the Lord. The texts linked below will help you improve and better understand your relationship with God through:

• Christian faith in general
• Prayer
• Christian service, obedience, and love
• The Orthodox Church
• The help of Angels and Saints

Your relationship with God through Christian Faith

Don't "get it" yet? How to work toward spiritual understanding

Doubt is healed only by faith

The faith of unbelievers

In God we what?

Junk science, Exhibit B: Scientifically testing the effects of God

Neurology and religion: Hard-wired to be hard-headed?

On the sincerity and sharing of faith

The price of love: Why God allows His children to suffer

Summer and winter Christianity, and what's missing from seasonal metaphors about faith

Who stole Jesus?

Your relationship with God through Prayer

10 reasons why you may not be getting the answer you want to your prayers

15 Consolations: Prayers for comfort from the Holy Spirit

The god we want

Lay not this sin to their charge—Why we should pray for those who hate us and hurt us

Lord, have mercy: The most misunderstood prayer in the Christian West

Nine lepers

On the Lord's Prayer

On the Orthodox rule of prayer

On the prayer of Jesus: 10 common misconceptions

Research from hell

Thanksgiving prayers

Unanswered prayers

Your relationship with God through Christian Service, Obedience, and Love

Bound by love

The first step toward God

Gazing up into heaven: Thoughts on a meaningful celebration of the Ascension

Holiness: Self-inflicted punishment?

I'm sorry, but not really

Let's talk about hell

Lip service

The Maker's instructions

Meaningless devotions

Reporting for duty

Second chances

Wash your mouth out!

Your relationship with God through the Orthodox Church

13 days behind Western innovation: Eastern Orthodoxy and the "old calendar"

Almost Christian

As in heaven, so on earth: An Orthodox response to "The Problem of Good"

Can't we all just get along?

Cheesefare week: Transitioning into Great Lent

Church is for old women and sick people (and other myths)

Family room worship

Fasting: Finding the strength to heal

Getting fed, Orthodox style

Higher calling, higher expectations

How does Orthodox Christianity fit into contemporary society?

How to plan an event that will flop

None of that guilt stuff

Thoughts on a candle

Top ten things not welcome in church

A voice of reason in chaos: The role of the Orthodox Church in the community

What's the point of Christianity?

Will the Church survive the war on Christianity?

Worthy of their wages: ROCOR priests need your help in preserving traditional Orthodoxy

Your relationship with God through Angels and Saints

Angels among us

The best kind of friend

Dream-interpretation basics from the Orthodox perspective

Green beer v. Great Lent: Saint Patrick, pray to God for us!

A lesson from Lazarus

The real Saint Nicholas

Taking back Valentine's Day