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Your relationship with the world

This page features texts to help you understand how you interact with the world around you. Browse the following articles to learn more about your relationships with:

• Media messages and technology
• Medicine and bioethics
• Non-Christian religions and spirituality
• Research

Your Relationship with Media Messages and Technology

Calling all predators

Campaigning 101: Using television commercials to mudsling your way into office

The coffeehouse preachers

The god we want

Innocence lost

It's only tea …

Junk journalism

Low-fat or full-flavor? A Christian's guide to content-spinning

More than just a piece of land

Postmodernism and the destruction of morality

'Tis the season! Reflections on the meaning of "Xmas"

A voice of reason in chaos: The role of the Orthodox Church in the community

Medicine and Bioethics

Can't buy me love

Depression and the way of the cross

Of promiscuity and pediatricians

Of promiscuity and pediatricians, Part II

The ones that only God loves

Playing God: Moral missteps in bioethics and Western medicine

A politically incorrect call to action

Rocks and hard places

Thoughts on a child's illness

Non-Christian Religions and Spirituality

The faith of unbelievers

Inter-faith wedding, anyone?

It's only tea …

Soul-killing state of mind: An afterword

Soul-killing state of mind:The irreconcilability of Far Eastern spiritual practices and the Orthodox faith

To spa or not to spa?

The trouble with Buddha

Who stole Jesus?


A good example of what I'm always talking about

Junk science, Exhibit A: Morality according to an Internet poll

Junk science, Exhibit B: Scientifically testing the effects of God

Learning the hard way

Neurology and religion: Hard-wired to be hard-headed?

Outliving the latest craze

Research from hell