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Your relationship with yourself

This page offers you resources for helping you better understand the relationship between your body, mind, and soul. The texts featured here discuss the following topics from the Orthodox Christian perspective:

• Your search for spiritual peace
• Sickness, suffering, healing, and spiritual growth
• Desires, temptations, and addictions
• Depression and suicide
• Your conscience
• Your self-image and others' impressions of you

Your Search for Spiritual Peace

15 Consolations: Prayers for comfort from the Holy Spirit

Chasing peace

Don't "get it" yet? How to work toward spiritual understanding

Dream-interpretation basics from the Orthodox perspective

In pursuit of happiness

No pain, no gain

To spa or not to spa?

The trouble with Buddha

Soul-killing state of mind: An afterword

Soul-killing state of mind:The irreconcilability of Far Eastern spiritual practices and the Orthodox faith

Sickness, Suffering, Healing, and Spiritual Growth

Beginning the healing process: Nine thoughts for victims of abuse

Blindfolded and backwards: The futility of problem-solving without God

Fasting: Finding the strength to heal

Finding hope in the aftermath of abuse

Indications of childhood sexual abuse: Know the warning signs

Learning the hard way

A lesson from Lazarus

The Maker's instructions

Playing God: Moral missteps in bioethics and Western medicine

The price of love: Why God allows His children to suffer

Right, yet still wrong

Rocks and hard places

The role of prayer in recovering from abuse

This, too, shall pass

Thoughts on a candle

Time can't heal a broken heart

Desires, Temptations, and Addictions

The bed undefiled by politics: Orthodox Christian thoughts on gay-marriage legislation

Blameless passions

Forbidden fruit

Gratitude in unexpected places

Kicking the habit

Poison apples

Sick in love: The heavy chains of emotional abuse and relationship addiction

What happens in Vegas

Depression and Suicide

The boy that no one noticed

Can't buy me love

Depression and the way of the cross

A light in the darkness of depression

Outliving the latest craze

Staircase to hell

Your Conscience

The house that threw away Jesus

Ignored warnings

Inexcusable excuses

The mother of all sins

None of that guilt stuff

Unanswered prayers

When no one is looking

Your Self-Image and Others' Impressions of You

Coming to terms: The sin in thinking we're better than we really are

False gold

God cares how you look

The measure of a man

On self-esteem

Skin deep

What are you wearing?