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This is not your average self-help website.

This is a place where you can learn how to reinterpret life altogether. It is a place that can teach you how to discover your true identity, to strengthen your relationship with Christ, to make the most out of your relationships with others, and to better understand your place in this world. It is a place where you can learn how to extend the things that are taught in Church to how your live your everyday life—as well as why it is so important to do so.

Newly redesigned and always growing, this site features more than 150 original titles by writer Amelia Bacic-Tulevski. Drawing from Christian Scripture, the Holy Fathers, a graduate education in the social sciences, and over a decade of professional, real-world experience, Amelia brings clarity to contemporary issues and struggles from a unique, interdisciplinary perspective, while staying true to the traditional teachings and values of Eastern Orthodoxy.

Some topics are purely theological, and others are purely secular, but all information and advice is firmly anchored in the truth of the Holy Orthodox Church. The materials here are more of a starting-place than anything else; they are summaries and introductions rather than complicated theological explanations. Click on "About this Site" for more information on what you can find here and how to find it.

People come here for many reasons—some are looking for answers or explanations, some for advice, some because they have become loyal readers, and some just to see what the author is "up to" these days. Whatever the reason that brings you here at the moment, if you spend enough time looking around, you will find that there are even more reasons to stay.